Assignment Instructions: This assignment requires you to select an appropriate r

Assignment Instructions:
This assignment requires you to select an appropriate research topic from the list provided and write a 1,800-2,000 word academic research essay that applies an intersectional lens to your chosen topic and explores how sociocultural factors influence and shape an aspect of women’s health. Crosscultural and comparative approaches are encouraged. To do this, you must use at least five appropriate, academic sources. At least three of these must be original sources that you have found through your own research, while the other two may be from the course syllabus. Your original academic sources may be the same ones you used in your annotated bibliography, if appropriate.
Topic: Fatness and Thinness Cross-Culturally
– Need to compare two different countries (One needs to be the United States, the other needs to be a Non-western country (examples include China/Japan/Korea/India)
– Specific focus on how fatness and thinness affect Women within those 2 countries
– Explain how fatness and thinness are perceived across the 2 different cultures (the United States vs __________) and how those perceptions are shaped
Sources that need to be used:
1. Greenhalgh. 2012. “Weighty Subjects: The Biopolitics of the US War on Fat.” American Ethnologist, 39(3):471-487. (PDF provided in files)
2. Puhl, R M, et al. “A Multinational Examination of Weight Bias: Predictors of Anti-Fat Attitudes across Four Countries.” International Journal of Obesity, vol. 39, no. 7, 2015. (
– at least 3 other academic sources
– MLA format
– MLA In-text citations when providing quotes, paraphrasing, using knowledge that isn’t common
– Introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion
– MLA reference page