As you look back on the course, consider how marketing affects your daily life a

As you look back on the course, consider how marketing affects your daily life and how your understanding of marketing has changed. To illustrate some of the marketing components that you have learned, identify a specific product that could benefit from a new marketing strategy. Describe this product and explain how you could use the information from this course to recommend changes. Make sure to include what research strategies you would recommend the company use to inform the new strategies.
In response to your classmates, discuss the new marketing strategy they are proposing.
PEER 1: Marilyn Barth posted Jun 20, 2022 10:44 PM
Greeting Class and Professor Finui,
Two products I believe could benefit from a new marketing strategy are GARDEINand BEYOND BEEF (as well as other companies currently producing a similar product.) These companies manufacture plant-based products which have multiple benefits both for health (in the reduction of cholesterol intake) and in aiding the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
According to the website,” … agriculture, and animal agriculture specifically, is a major contributor to global warming, and reducing consumption of animal products is the one thing each person can do that can really make a difference.” (, 2022)
It can be argued that “fake meat” products may still contain high salt and fat content and are not as healthy as actually eating fresh vegetables, but transitioning away from animal products has benefits that are hard to discount.
As of today, most of the advertising has consisted of “it tastes like real meat” but little has been said about how reducing animal farming can help the planet. This falls into the category of Social Consciousness (Armstrong & Kotler, 2019)
Research should be done as to the demographic, geographic, and psychographic details of health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers. Then, target those areas with internet and direct advertising that show the benefits of plant-based meat substitutes to both health and the environment. (Claritas Marketing Analysis, 2022)
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PEER 2: IImagine Del Gaudio posted Jun 21, 2022 8:25 PM
Product: The Green Mask Stick has ads showing how it draws blackheads right out of your skin. The process seems quick and easy, you just wipe them away! You rub the stick on evenly, wait a set amount of time and rinse of and with goes the blackheads, supposedly. I’ve seen many people try it and it doesn’t work at all, not even a little. The ads are exaggerated by far.
Recommendation: I would recommend honest ads that represent the product for what it actually does which sounds like soften skin perhaps. It doesn’t seem to help remove blackheads and certainly not in the way advertised. Becoming ethical would a good place to start for this company.
Explanation: I would refer to the social responsibility and ethics portion of the class for this business. I feel that sales are more important than loyal, happy customers. In the end, this will only last so long and word of mouth, along with bad reviews, will catch up to them.
Research Strategies: I would suggest exploratory research. Surveys may work well here to see how satisfied the customers really are.
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