As a compare/contrast essay, this essay should connect Denis Johnson’s Jesus Son

As a compare/contrast essay, this essay should connect Denis Johnson’s Jesus Son or Sophocles’ Antigone to O’Connor’s “The Lame Shall Enter First” I expect to see a focused argumentative thesis with supporting points based on textual analysis. Use the text as support, and do not stop short in your analysis. A quotation from the text will not illustrate your thesis on its own. You must tell the reader, through close reading and elaboration upon the quotation, how it illustrates your thesis. It is also better to elaborate in detail upon one example in a paragraph than to bring in too many undeveloped examples. Paper must also use MLA in-text citation style. Requirements:
3-4 double-spaced pages in 12 pt/Times New Roman font. (Use standard one inch margins and number your pages)
An arguable thesis based on YOUR OWN interpretation of the text. Please use bold face to highlight.
Direct engagement with the texts we have read. You must use quotation and analysis to back up your points. Consider using one, if not more quotations per paragraph. Instead of long quotations, break up and place existing quotations into your own writing
Here are some possible areas of focus:
What is the meaning of the child here?
How does the literature we have read examine the meaning of work or vocation
What is the role of the “parent?”
What role do women, especially mothers, play?
Sin and redemption: what role does moral responsibility play in any of the texts? How do characters “fall” from grace, and in what ways are they redeemed?
What is the role of emotions/grief?
What versions of the family/kinship are being explored in these texts?