Answer the following questions. Number your response to match the numbered quest

Answer the following questions. Number your response to match the numbered questions. Respond to at least 2 classmates by name.
You are encouraged to be open in your postings, but only discuss the information you feel comfortable sharing.
Explain how any two of the four factors of media, parents or caregivers, play and peers, and school contributed to your gender role socialization as a child.
Explain how your socialization experiences have affected the educational, job, and career choices you are making or have made as an adult.
The following questions should stimulate your thought process as you reflect on your early gender-role socialization. You are not required to answer every question in your initial post or responses to classmates.
What roles did parents or caregivers play in your household? What household tasks did they perform regularly? Did they work outside the home? In what occupations? What types of household tasks did your parents/caregivers assign to you? (If you don’t have both male and female siblings, think of a family you knew growing up that did to answer the next questions.) If you had siblings of a different sex than you, were they assigned tasks similar to or different from the tasks you were assigned? If the assigned tasks were different, how were they different?
What TV shows did you watch? What books did you read? Who were your favorite characters? What did you learn from them? What were your favorite movies while growing up? Were you not allowed to watch certain movies or television shows? If so, why couldn’t you watch them?
Remember sources should support your ideas. For example, if you state that your childhood was impacted by the media. Support this idea with data that shows the impact of media on children and/or socialization.
Submission Instructions
Use at least two credible and recent (since 2016) sources to support your work. One source may be a course textbook or course content. One source must be external. Respond to at least two classmates by name.
Cite using appropriate APA formatting.
For help citing references accurately, visit the Purdue University OWL APA page