3) Type a 1-2 page summary and review of the article, include the following info

3) Type a 1-2 page summary and review of the article, include the following information:
a) After identifying your name and the name of your PS101 instructor, begin your review with the names of the authors and year of publication of the article.
b) Identify the hypotheses and related theories.
c) Describe the method, including the independent variable(s) or predictor variable(s) (and how
operationally defined—how manipulated or measured), the dependent variable(s) or criterion variable(s) (and how operationally defined—how measured), the cover story, and procedures. How was the study conducted? Do you agree with the operational definitions of the variables?
d) Describe the results and discussion, including specific findings, interpretations of the findings, and applications suggested by the researchers. What did the researchers find? What applications do they suggest for their findings? What theories do they discuss? What questions does the study prompt you to ask?
e) Evaluate the study. You may criticize or applaud the study. Include at least two evaluative remarks about the article (positive or negative); consider the following topics for evaluation:
1) Problems with the methodology. (Do the operational definitions of the variables fully
capture the constructs—were the concepts appropriately manipulated or measured?
Does the procedure help to capture the phenomenon of interest?)
2) Application to real-world problems.
3) Validity of the conclusions drawn by the researchers. (Do the data fully support the
4) Usefulness of the research endeavor.
5) Oversights in the article. (Did the article fail to address important aspects of the
6) Ethical issues.
7) Suggested improvements for the article.
Use the article that attached as your source!