10 Page Essay on Economic health. Please read the suggestions below from my prof

10 Page Essay on Economic health. Please read the suggestions below from my professor. This is what he want’s the paper tobe constructed of.
My thoughts on this are, first, you need a better introduction to lay out the essence of the paper and your definitions, your thesis, etc. Kind of a road map to what the paper will argue and why. Second, I think the argument on mental health counseling being unaffordable is problematic
as there has been movement to make it covered much more routinely, especially since Covid. Third, I think, as we discussed, you should
speak of the balance between mental, physical, and economic health and what that means, if it is even possible, what is within or outside your control. Fourth, I think it would help to acknowledge that all work causes mental strain in different ways. It can be the repetitive nature of it,
hostile work environments, moving a lot causing strain on families, etc. so helpful to say first responders experience pain at work that may or may not be more severe than other jobs, it depends on those jobs so the message is that mental health across the board is important which is why there is the movement towards employee assistance boards at most employers as a standard employee benefit. Beyond that, as we
discussed, think it would be helpful to dive into a definition of economic health as something above meeting basic human needs and maybe at a level where one can fully partake of the benefits of culture meaning out to eat, movies, art galleries, sporting events, summer vacations, etc. The question then arises as to whether first responders, as a group, tend to push beyond that upper limit to a point where they are sacrificing
their mental health for greed as opposed to service for self and family.