· Sherman, G. D., Haidt, J., & Coan, J. A. (2009). Viewing cute images inc

· Sherman, G. D., Haidt, J., & Coan, J. A. (2009). Viewing cute images increases behavioral carefulness. Emotion, 9(2), 282-286. doi:10.1037/a0014904
Article Summaries must be double spaced with 1” margins on all sides and written in size 12 Times New Roman font. A good Article Summary will typically be at least 2 pages long and no qoutes
Write a summary of the article that includes the following information:
a. Identify the authors and title of the article you are summarizing
b. Summarize the author(s)’ hypotheses and purpose for the study
c. Describe the sample of participants in the study (number, age, gender, etc)
d. Describe the measures/materials used to conduct the study
e. Describe the procedure (how the study was conducted)
f. Describe the results/findings of the study (you do not need to cite statistics or provide the results in notation – instead focus on summarizing what was found).
g. Identify at least one limitation of the study and explain why it was a limitation
h. Identify at least one possible suggestion for future research in this area and explain why this would be a worthwhile direction for further exploration.